My Secret Lashes

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What do we offer?

  • Product sourcing (lashes, makeup brushes,makeup,packaging)
  • Retail set up (backdrop, business cards, t shirts, makeup storage)
  • Logo Creation
  • Basic Website creation / custom email
  • Aesthetic Instagram posts
  • Instagram / Facebook story posts (featuring lash/beauty facts) 
  • Beauty fact sheets (for example lash facts/makeup facts to share on your social media)
  • Sample kits
  • Free advice sessions
  • Free 24/7 support from us for your business
  • Be connected with influential people on Instagram (we have many established relationships )
  • Email management


Let’s make it happen!

Have you seen the minority of Instagramers profiting from the beauty industry? primarily from strip lashes? And perhaps you’ve looked into starting up your business but it’s too time consuming and you can’t seem to find a manufacturer in Australia which adds extra time onto you starting your business because you’re forced to source overseas which is almost impossible right now because of the pandemic?

Well, come and speak to us at My Secret Lashes, we have been operating since 2018, and have really been able to refine all of our manufacturing processes and even build our business to have lash production on shore in Australia. A bit of background on our business, like you, My Secret Lashes set out on a business venture to supply lashes to all of our friends and family members who wanted to be GLAM, for quiet sometime this small community were buying from us so frequently that business was going exceedingly well and this allowed us to inject more funds into the business to expand our product range and much more, following our business development we had increased motivation and an improved vision meaning we became extremely ambitious to be known Australia wide which meant we needed to work out how exactly we could get our product out across the country fast and efficient.

So we put our minds together and contacted our local post and were able to strike a pretty profitable deal to allow us to expand Aus wide, now this is where things start to change, when we first went AUS wide we were conducting Business as usual (business as usual was our customers were purchasing between 1 and 5 pairs of lashes priced between $30 and $45 per lash) we then started to noticed we were receiving an extremely high volume of messages from makeup artists on Instagram requesting bulk amounts of lashes between 20 – 100 pairs per transaction, this to us came as a surprise as we hadn’t altered our business model for these kind of sales and we certainly hadn’t planned or ever foreseen for something like this to happen so soon, that being said we re-evaluated our business model and figured that perhaps it was time to re direct our focuses to a different niche and we did just that, we are now in the second phase of our niche re-direction which is working with our supportive makeup artists and business owners to grow and expand their businesses and to offer wholesale options and assistance with business creation/improvement for the beauty industry.

Basically we take out the guess work of finding those perfect makeup brushes that are equivalent to high-end brands or even better and the reason I say even better is we do have a particular set of brushes that are extremely high quality that 100% of our customers have advised they’ve not seen better.  Furthermore we also found ourselves kitting out new and upcoming make-up artists with the basics like brush kits/MUA chairs /backdrops/business cards and the like, so to expand on this we will also be offering not only products based business creation but also service based business start-up kits and advice. In saying this we have built up a great network of industry experts whom we rely upon to assist us with implementing our new initiative, so you can be absolutely sure the process will be seamless. 


 To conclude our write up fundamentally we want to help everyone in our community grow regardless of their financial situation in the sense that you can use our payment plan providers (zip pay and after-pay) OR come to an agreement with My Secret Lashes on a payment plan over a period of time until you are in a position to make the payments, this means that absolutely any one has a chance at starting a business and becoming extremely successful within the industry.