Raise your hand if you have ever gambled with your hairs purity & box dyed/bleached it on more than one occasion with & without the assistance of your best friend cause you were a total badass rebel in high school? I feel like I can see a lot of hands raised. And if you can’t relate, well, I envy you.

I can tell you years worth of blonde to black and black to blonde only damaged my hair almost to an irreparable state. You can imagine my excitement when I came to find that wigs can do the same thing without hurting the hair follicles at all!

They are versatile, heat resistant, low maintenance & can be completely undetectable! Not to mention the boost of self confidence it can give you. And given this current climate I think we could all do with a bit of self love!


The more I discovered from YouTube gurus like MsRoshPosh & RayvenElyseTV, the more I tried, the more I tried the better I became & now I am a Trained Wig Stylist in Gold Coast, Australia literally making moves.

Like any small business, the profit I make goes to supporting my family of 6 (including my crazy fur baby Luna, short for Lunatic, ironically). We are your average Aussie family just trying to live happy lives & bring happiness in the lives of those around us.

It’s a joy to be able to pursue what used to be an unrealistic dream. I hope my children grow up & see that through failure & success, their mummy chased her dreams. I hope this stirs up enough passion within them to go chasing dreams of their own.

If you are interested in purchasing a wig but you don’t know where to start, flick us a message. Our team at Gawjess Hair & Beauty are always up for some hair talk!

Ciao Bellas

(CEO of Gawjess Hair & Beauty)

Instagram: @gawjesshairandbeautyoffical 


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