Wholesalers & Retailers

Are you a makeup artist? Or a retailer?

Have the chance to stock some of Australia’s most luxurious lashes in your store today at a great whole sale price! Or even enhance your make-up looks on clients with some of our premium styles which are 100% guaranteed to add wow factor to any make up look. 

My Secret Lashes offers a competitive whole sale price (no seriously send us a message to find out what promos we are running for MUA’s/Stockists, we also include our packaging for you to give customers)

We absolutely love being able to grow with Make-up artists and assist you in building your brand! There’s just something about the word grow we much prefer rather than using the word work? Because hey, we aren’t working together we are growing our businesses together which is extremely important to us. We once read a quote (and then of course morphed it into our own)


“ When businesses support other businesses the growth rate is like no other.”

In addition to our wholesale offer we also can include stands/retail displays if required.


Speak to our team of professionals today either by email or phone call.

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