Why lashes? Why are Lashes the main priority for My Secret Lashes, Well duh the word lashes is in our name, no but seriously since forever eyes have been one of the most iconic and coveted features on a women right in front of heels, every one loves a good pair of heels, it’s like you put on your favourite pair of heels when you’re wanting that confidence boost and booom instantly you’re THAT GIRL , lashes also bring on that SAME feeling. The right pair of long voluminous lashes will frame your eyes the right way and open them up magnifying their beauty for all to see! Again they bring on the ITS HER attitude. Now what’s our reasoning behind over 60 different styles of lashes ?  we don’t believe in the concept “one size fits all”, we’re all different so what suits you best will vary. When you’re wearing your MSL lashes, we want you to feel like those lashes were created just for you! Annnd we may be biased but when we say MSL is one of the most innovative and high quality lash brands to be in trading in Australia right now but when we say it we believe it and stand by it, we guarantee that with our cutting edge innovations your MSL lashes will maintain the same silhouette wear after wear ITS PROVEN !! Our mission is to be that brand that you not only want but NEED in your makeup kit, we are currently the global leaders in lash collections being that we have the largest collection of luxury of mink lashes and are continuously growing our collection month on month. REWARD THE QUEEN IN YOU by wearing our premium lash line today.


Not only are we a superior lash brand, we are also a part of an dynamic community of makeup artists and beauty gurus and other industry professionals who believe in unparalleled quality, we rely on building connections and best believe everybody in our community has met with a MSL team member to chat beauty, thus being said we have found numerous artists connecting with one another through our brand, it is a privilege to be able to facilitate such connections!

To conclude our write up we would like to extend our thanks to all existing and future customers, we wouldn’t be a business without you!