Let me tell you choosing a nude lipstick requires more effort than just turning up to the store seeing a colour that looks nude in the packaging and walking out and paying for it and feeling as though you’re ready to hit the town and show off your new nude lippy that you bought in about 3 seconds flat with no underlying strategic reason as to why you chose that colour. At MSL we believe when it comes to buying anything make up related if you want to look your best “BUY STRATEGICALLY AND WITH A PURPOSE” don’t buy it because it looked nice on the shelf ? don’t buy it because someone said so? I mean yes if someone tells you an item is good by all means go get the item but make sure within selecting that item you find the version of that item that suits YOU  because with makeup there is a COLOUR/INDGREDIANT/DESIGN for EVERYONE (most of the time) likewise with our lashes we have over 60 different styles, and have professional lash advisors to assist in helping you make the right lash decision because again choose the right lash for your eye shape and you will notice a big difference.


We all have that moment when we see someone wearing the perfect shade of nude lipstick annnnd we ask “what shade are you wearing I’M INLOVE” then we go to purchase that lip colour and get home to wear it and sometimes find ourselves thinking AHHHHGGG why does this colour look different on me compared to Monique? Well let’s take into account Monique’s own lip colour may just possess different undertones to yours and  it may well just be she has found the perfect nude for HER. Now let’s dig a little deeper how did Monique get the perfect nude? WELL this is how, she was browsing through the makeup store and the first thing she done was examine the inside of her lip by popping her bottom lip down and making a sad face (the inside of your lip is a guide to what shade of nude will be most flattering on your lips) once she spotted a nude colour which looked to be the closest colour to the inside of her lip she took to testing it on her finger tip , why on her fingertip you might ask? The texture of your fingertips is also similar in both colour and texture to your lips which also is a great guide to give you an indication on how the colour will appear based on your lip pigmentation. Furthermore should the above mentioned process fail you another good reference is the below :


Lighter skin tones should opt for a shade with pinkish undertones


Medium skin should opt for a more beige/yellow based tone


Darker skin looks should opt for something that is a rich,dark,mocha style brown




So to conclude this post, follow the steps we have mentioned and you will be well on your way to finding the correct nude !


Love the MSL team xx

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