Rhassoul Clay Mask by Azariya

Rhassoul Clay Mask by Azariya

We all know the basics to having a good skin care routine, its pretty simple just cleanse and moisturise! …. Right?

Umm, well not entirely. What we put on and take off our skin, plays a major role in the appearance and health of our skin. I say this because taking off and cleaning your daily makeup, sunscreen and environmental pollution is extremely important. Every beauty blogger, makeup artist and dermatologist will agree that we must double cleanse at the end of the night. Why, you ask? Well, anything that clogs your pores and sits on our skins surface, such as makeup, excess skin sebum and pollution can cause premature ageing, breakouts and even pigmentation!

We also have the option of further deep cleansing via microdermabrasion, hydro facials or even getting a therapist to perform extractions on black and white heads. Many of us don’t have the time and these all can be costly; the best recommendation would be to contribute a clay mask to your weekly routine. Use it 3 to 4 days per week to maintain a youthful appearance and most importantly you and those around you will notice a difference! As I mentioned earlier what we put ‘on’ and take off our skin is important in the appearance and overall health of our skin and we all need to wise with our choices and avoid any nasties.

Our Azariya Rhassoul Clay Mask is definitely a success. Clay draws out the toxins and detoxifies the skin, our mask is made with organic ingredients and has no nasties. Most (other) clay masks consist of bentonite or kaolin and these are great for drawing our impurities BUT they may unbalance your skin leaving it feeling dry and stripped of moisture.

The Azariya Rhassoul Clay Mask consist of Rhassoul Clay found only in the high Atlas Mountains of Morocco; this clay has been proAzariya Clay Maskven to be the most absorbent, nevertheless, it will not tamper with your skins delicate balance. To add to this amazing clay, we have combined it with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, which will add moisture and plump and sooth the skin. Jojoba and hemp which will regulate sebum production preventing clogged pores. Green tea and rooibos, which are antioxidant powerhouses preventing both acne and premature ageing. Willow bark and lactic acid will promote skin turnover, exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.

Your skin will become smoother and your pores will appear smaller and over time you can expect the reduction of fine lines. The mask will exfoliate and stimulate the growth of new cells and your skin will be more hydrated. Most importantly its perfect for every skin type, from sensitive to teenage skin and even ageing skin, because we all need to have a deep clean added to our skin routine!

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