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Monolid/Hooded Eyes

If you don't have a crease at all (an indentation at the top of your eyelids), your search ends here – you have monolid eyes.

Steer towards lashes like ATHENS and BARCELONA because GF you have an open canvas using these styles will help you create a crease, shy away from really dense styles that could weigh your lid down. Look for lashes that have a consistent criss cross happening throughout the band.

What Liner shape should you use?

A small cat-eyed wing that is a super sharp triangle shape on the outer corner of the eye but commences with a rather thick line from the inner corner of the eye!




Almond and Upturned eyes are typically symmetrical and offer a decent amount of lid space that rarely changes when the eyes are opened which give you lots of choice when it comes to what lashes suit you in saying that to take advantage of the shape My Secret Lashes recommends lashes like Holly and Symphony  that are denser and longer towards the outer corner of the eye to create a cat eye effect.

What Liner shape should you use?

To truly accentuate the shape of Almond/Upturned eyes, a liner that begins thin on the inner corner of the eye and thickens towards the outer is absolutely ideal and if you wish to add a wing be sure it follows on in line with your lower lash line. You can also smoke out your wing with a darker eyeshadow for a very alluring effect.




Keep it natural girlfriend, My Secret Lashes suggests lashes like Muse and Bianco alternatively any lash from our human hair range for round eyes this will allow you to show your round eyes full potential, trust us even though you’re wearing natural lashes will you will receive plenty of compliments because this particular eye shape make lashes appear a lot thick than they are because of the shape.

What Liner shape should you use?

Round eyes also offer a decent amount of flexibility when it comes to different eyeliner looks, the major purpose of applying liner to round eyes is to elongate the eye shape, commencing your liner from the middle of your eye works best and also adding a slightly longer flick (be sure to keep your wing flatter not necessarily following the lower lash line)